How London’s Top Escorts Cater to Diverse Needs

London offers an abundance of high-class escorts if you are seeking intimate sexual encounters. Escorting has become one of the most sought-after professions and can be extremely profitable – they can earn up to $800 an hour by providing services in an environment where sex is both legal and safe. They can be found everywhere from private sex rooms to lap-dancing clubs.

Studies reveal that thousands of women work as London escorts, with most coming from Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. Many are trafficked in and are vulnerable to sexual exploitation and physical violence, according to new studies conducted by The Poppy Project – which supports women in prostitution – and published a map of its off-street sex trade encompassing 730 brothels, 164 escort agencies and 66 lap-dancing clubs; four fifths of workers operate out of flats, saunas or massage parlors while the remaining fifth use escort agencies as part of their trade.

Estimates put London’s estimated sex worker population at approximately 80,000. This represents only a small fraction of its overall population. Street walkers who break British law to engage in prostitution may employ prostitutes; there may also be unknown numbers working as independent escorts usually based out of private homes referred to as ‘in-call girls.

Recently, a survey showed that London sex workers were being forced to reduce prices due to economic hardship and an influx of competition; women were charging 50 per cent less than before; some even went as far as charging $30!

Prostitution has long been part of London culture; one enterprising pimp published a best-selling directory of women in the 17th century! Street-based sex workers remain visible around King’s Cross and Tottenham Court Road areas; there are also many who work from their homes offering full sex sessions for as little as PS20 per oral performance or PS30 for full sex sessions.Delhi Escort Service

Most brothels and sex agencies in London are concentrated in Westminster, Camden, and Lambeth; however, London being such a vast city also hosts many sex workers in its suburbs who may work for either an London escort company, private individuals or clubs.

Prostitution has never been illegalized in the UK as long as it involves exchanging sexual services for payment. While prostitution itself is not considered illegal, certain related activities such as public solicitation (sex work on the street), kerb crawling and running vice establishments like brothels may be considered so. Furthermore, underage prostitution is considered criminalized.