Pleasure Toys For Women

Some women enjoy pleasing themselves with just a standard female vibrator, but many sex toys can provide more stimulation at once, from vibrating, jiggling, or simulating tongue or clitoral stimulation.

Malika O’Neill, LMFT, MS, MEd of The Pleasure Collective advises SELF that prior to making any sex toy purchases it’s essential that you establish what type of sensual experience you seek in a toy. “This will narrow down your choices.” For instance if stimulating G spot stimulation, look for toys equipped with clitoral suction heads while for orgasm-inducing powers consider toys such as cunnilingus or clitoral sucker heads.

If you want a full-fledged orgasm, try the Womanizer Pro40 which uses Pleasure Air Technology to vibrate and flutter without direct contact between clitoris and device. Users have reported soft flutters and intense waves as gently edging them deeper into orgasms than ever. Plus it doubles up as a ring for partners with penises, is waterproof, USB rechargeable and recharges quickly!

An alternative solution is a rabbit vibe, which will jiggle and jostle your clitoris while simultaneously engaging your G-spot for added pleasure. One such model, Lelo Sona 2, features both clitoral and G-spot vibrations for dual pleasure potential as well as eight dynamic patterns which can be cycled through for unlimited playback – plus it is waterproof!

The LELO Lily 2 stands out from this list in that it’s a clitoral stimulator with scent. Designed in soft silicone material and infusing Bordeaux and chocolate scents – two popular aphrodisiac scents – its soft silicone exterior offers four intensity levels with push up/push down functionality for convenient suction head use, providing two times more power than its predecessor.

Clitoral suction toys (clit suckers) use air pressure to massage and suction your clitoris, simulating oral sex. Clit suckers are most frequently used for clitoral stimulation; some models can even hit the G-spot (spongy tissue near the front of anus). Indigo Stray Conger of LMFT AASECT recommended the Touch X as one such model that delivers on this promise.

Therapist, recommends this toy for its ease, buzzy vibrations that can be adjusted on or off, and ability to simulate clitoral sensations and even gushing ejaculation. Furthermore, it’s affordable, discreet, and waterproof – three qualities essential in sexual playthings.

No matter which sex toy you select, remember that for optimal results you will require some type of lube. Wright suggests choosing a water-based formula rather than an oil-based one as this tends to be less messy and help prevent bacteria growth. When it comes to storage options she advises keeping them in a temperature controlled area so as to prevent mold or bacteria growth forming; additionally never store toys that come into contact with anal canals or genitals with food supplies!